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Rosebank Security Services

The safe-keeping of your business premises is a top priority for the Rosebank Business Association – our members can have full confidence in bringing their businesses to the Rosebank Peninsula.

Through Rosebank Security Services, the Rosebank Business Association will engage only the most reliable and proven providers across a range of security products and services from monitoring to alarm systems, ensuring the combined security service meets the specific needs of our business community.


Five Minute Response Time!

To stave off crime in the area, we will contract a fulltime vehicle to patrol the area from 6pm-6am Monday to Saturday. This should ensure a response time of five minutes! This is 20 minutes faster than the industry standard and more than twice as fast as our ambulance and police critical response benchmarks.

Rosebank Security monitoring requires a one year contract only, convenient when tenure changes or lease agreements ending.

Competitive Rates

Representing over 500 businesses on the peninsula gives the RBA the buying power to receive the best possible competitive rates. Enjoy our “we will beat your best price” offer.

No Long Term Contract

The RBA has engaged Arrow Security for this service. Arrow Security is an efficient and reputable operator with an established presence in Rosebank. It is an audited, West Auckland and privately-owned company dedicated to partnering with the RBA to maintain security and safety and reduce crime in the area.

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For more information on the Rosebank Security service, please contact:

Dave Loader

Security Consultant
Email: dave@rosebanksecurity.co.nz
Mobile: 0275 336 675