The Trusts Million Dollar Mission

The Trusts in West Auckland have been working behind the scenes for months to create and develop a programme that rewards their community by distributing funds to West Auckland community groups, clubs, schools and organisations.

“The Trusts are in a position to help build the community of West Auckland for the benefit of its people in a way that other areas in Auckland won’t be able to,” says The Trusts CEO, Simon Wickham.

We want to continue to build West Auckland by assisting with the development of projects, people and facilities across many organisations and in many ways.  And best of all, we want the wider community to vote and decide where the money goes. Since the super city was established, there has been less local funding, so The Trusts ‘Million Dollar Mission’ can help bring focus back to the local things that matter to the people of West Auckland.

The Million Dollars comes directly from commercial profits gained through the successful operation of The Trusts’ retail liquor and hospitality businesses.

Angela Hurst, Marketing Manager of The Trusts told us, “We’ve developed a creative but simple to use platform required to support this extensive event, involving three key phases over a seven month period. The first phase is the call for applications from various West Auckland organisations. We wanted this to be as simple as possible so that all eligible groups could easily apply. Finalists will be chosen in February, then the public vote starts in March.  This is where the finalists will need to “rally their troops” and mobilise their supporters to gain votes to reach their fundraising target.

Whether it’s new equipment for a sports club, computers for a school or providing support to our emergency services, The Trusts operates for the benefit of all West Aucklanders. So what better way to support our community by letting them have the say on how the funds are given back,” Angela says.

For more information and to apply for your share of one million dollars, head to