How to use Social Media to Enhance Customer Experience

We are in a world that is accessible 24/7 through the internet. The number of engaged social media users is millions per month. This is a huge opportunity for your business to connect with customers and find new ones.  There is a great blog by Sofie De Beule that shows great tips to improve your customers’ experience with social media. These tips can be applied to create an awesome experience for your customers, showing them they matter and building future promoters. Best of all it can be very easy to do!

So let’s get started-here are some tips from the above article that I have used to improve my customer experience:

  1. Ask My Fans for Opinions – encourage customers to post their opinions and feedback on your service. By listening and responding to your customer’s opinions shows that you care and want to improve.
  2. Integrate Feedback – as a BDM it is hard to continually come up with new ideas to keep your customers engaged. Customer Feedback will give you important information on what your customers likes and dislikes. The rule is simple KEEP what they like – and CHANGE what they don’t. This is gold for future innovation and improvements to keep your business leading edge.
  3. Solve Issues Promptly – ensure there is a process set up on how to handle your customer complaints. Fix the things that your customers complain about and let them know how you are going to solve the issue. This will demonstrate that you are committed to delivering an awesome experience.
  4. Show Your Gratitude – Block out time daily to put spend on the channels your customers are on to post, follow and engage with them. Always Respond and Thank for ALL followers, opinions and feedback received.

In conclusion: Customers who have an awesome experience with your business. Customers that will come back and be your future promoters. Hope you have fun.

Author Julie Stevens BDM RBA