7 Tips to Being Safe Online

by Alston D’Silva Casa Infotech Limited Your Local IT Partner

Eight out of ten people in New Zealand now own a smartphone or tablet, and 88% of us use social media every month. As a nation we love being online. The internet is a fantastic tool that has reimagined the way we interact with the world. It’s changed the way we share ideas, buy and sell, learn new things and meet new people. We’re more connected than ever. This brings us incredible opportunities and some challenges.

Every day we get emails and text messages, yet some of these messages could be masked as spam. Here are some great tips that have been provided by local Rosebank Business Casa Infotech Limited that can help keep you safe online.

  1. Never give out your Email password.
  2. Ignore popups from Website saying you have a virus
  3. Never click on email links or web links to your Financial institution
  4. Beware of scammers when buying online
  5. Use secure passwords
  6. Watch out for fake Emails
  7. Use Modern browsers such as IE and Firefox as they have support for checking certificates from trusted websites

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