Preparing your Business to go Global

by Damien Justus SimPRO - Job Management Software

Have you ever considered taking your business global? 
Why settle for selling your services in just one country, when emerging markets across the world have almost unlimited profit potential? According to CNN  Chinese consumers will have an incredible $6.4 trillion worth of buying power by the year 2025. If you’ve made the decision to go global, you’ll need to thoroughly prepare your company to maximise your chances of success.

Here are some great tips for preparing your business for international expansion provided by local Rosebank Business SimPRO 

1. Analyse foreign markets
2.Consider the government
3.Consider where to purchase supplies

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Other great tips from the article by Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends that focuses on how to prepare your business to go global.

  1. Don’t assume you have to be big to go global
  2. Research the legal, HR and tax environment in any countries where you will have a physical presence, before you leap
  3. Invest in technology from the get-go
  4. If you plan to export physical goods, get exporting help
  5. Figure out how you’re going to get paid

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FINAL THOUGHTS  These are a handful of the issues to consider when going global. Hope you have gained value.