BNZ Business Leaders Breakfast – “An Outlook for the New Zealand Economy in an Uncertain World.”

Events and workshops are happening to deliver new connections and build a vibrant business community.We were privileged to host an economic address by BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander last week at the newly refurbished Quality Lincoln Green Hotel . Thank you to our Platinum Partner BNZ and supporting this event was Hire Plants and Corporate Cabs. Not only the attendees were served a delicious breakfast but were also served with “An outlook for the New Zealand economy in an uncertain world.”

Tony’s advice from a business point of view is to review our margin management. These days no-one can pass on rising costs onto the customers as they will not accept them, and seek cheaper options especially overseas.In the end, a very informative morning was enjoyed by all. It is important to stay focused on our business needs but also important to take time and look at the bigger picture.

BNZ has and will continue to be part of our West Auckland community by allowing us to be informed, in depth and by making a difference in supporting our local businesses.

And that’s why their partnership with the RBA and CPBA shall remain and grow.

Stronger together, remember?