Probiotics: The Answer to Good Skin Health







A great read by local Rosebank Business Dr Iona Weir, Bionona Transforming Ideas in Health. She writes:

Using probiotics and prebiotics to keep your gut healthy has long been known to assist good bowel function and control metabolism. What is lesser known is that keeping bacteria in balance is just an important for skin health.

Over the years many products have claimed to give us clear and beautiful skin and have focused on getting rid of bacteria. In this process, all bacteria are destroyed, including the good stuff, from our skin. This means that clear skin doesn’t last long as bad bacteria quickly grows back again and replaces the good.

Our skin, like the gut, has its own unique microflora (balance of good and bad bacteria). To reduce skin allergies, restore immune function and prevent infection that balance must be restored.

Using a cream such as Atopis that contains a prebiotic and the peptides form probiotic bacteria, which works to promote good bacterial growth while inhibiting bad bacteria.

Lack of balance can be caused by a number of reasons: 

  • Using too many cleansers and soaps. Instead of protecting against infection, this over-scrubbing results in damaging your own natural and unique protection.
  • Physical, emotional and mental stress
  • Poor diets: fats, rancid oils, sugars and carbs, refined/processed foods, alcohol, caffeine etc.
  • Lack of sleep: this will alter the cortisol levels and it will create stress.
  • Antibiotics and other medications
  • Food sensitivities
  • Poor digestion: if we lack the proper ability to digest food thoroughly, the result will be a large quantity of toxins and harmful bacteria in our systems.

What’s clear is that our gut and skin health work in synergy. Balance is the answer 70-80% of our immunity lies in a healthy gut, and if we have a wall-functioning digestive system, our overall health is better, and clear and beautifully -glowing skin.

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FINAL THOUGHTS Take Care of your body it’s the only place you have to live in. There is no one step that does it, it is a lot of little steps. Hope you have gained value.