How to write Emails that People Love to Read

The main reason email is so effective is that it gives people freedom to get what they really signed up for versus random unwanted digital ads or social media posts.

But given the number of commercial emails sent daily, the inbox is a battlefield for your recipients’ attention, and you have to do something to stand out!

Here are some great tips on how to write an email that people will want to read

1. Don’t muddy your message with multiple goals. Keep it simple! Nobody wants to read the gobbledygook-filled emails. Don’t write as if you’re addressing a faceless crowd. Write as if you’re emailing friend. Be conversational.

2. Is your goal crystal-clear? Is it instantly clear to your reader what they should do?  Whether you’d like your reader to reply with information or click through to buy a product or read a blog post, have one specific goal for your email.

3. Why would your reader care? Most emails don’t explain why the receiver should care about taking action. What’s in it for them? What will they learn? How will you make them feel better?

4. Don’t send an email without editing. When you edit your email, aim to cut 50% of words. Your reader will be grateful.

Local Rosebank business Spike say “Before we send any emails or build any forms, we map everything out on a whiteboard and ensure people are kept within the ecosystem of that client –that means that links lead somewhere within the business, exit points are minimised, and there’s always a clear call to action to do something: buy, look, download, whatever. We see a lot of emails coming through where this isn’t done.”

“They don’t plan, they don’t map, they don’t visualise how the user interacts and travels through the process from email – conversion. We do. Every single time. We turn it into something like this.”

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FINAL THOUGHTS – There is no one step that does it all, it is a lot of little steps. Hope you have gained value.