Tips to Develop and Maintain a Strong Company Culture

Over the past few months, 3 major employment issues have resulted in reputation damage and significant costs to well-known organisations:

  • Todd Barclay and the National Party.
  • Matt McCarten and the Labour Party.
  • Travis Kalanick and Uber.

In all cases, bad management and a lack of employment standards resulted in questionable behaviour and big problems.

The message is clear for business owners and leaders:

  • Don’t underestimate the impact poor employment practices can have on the organisation.
  • The cost of settling grievances (including lawyer’s fees, settlements and time) is significant.
  • The damage to reputation and credibility will affect your ability to attract talent and customers (or voters in the case of the parties).

We know it is hard work in recruiting talent, so once you have them you have to invest time in keeping them. What can you do? local Rosebank business, Jason Ennor, Co-founder and CEO at MyHR says “How about starting by paying people correctly and treating them with respect?” He provides some great tips on how to develop and manage a good company culture. Read More Here 

‘I’m starting to think this will be a year without any raises.’


We asked successful business leaders how they manage to do so with their own teams here are a few ideas:

  1. Get to know your employees- Making yourself personally accessible to your employees. Ask them about their lives with genuine interest and active listening. Socialize with them and you’ll have an open, respectful, positive company culture.
  2. Keep people interested- Help your employees develop, upskill and allow them to grow in their position.
  3. Have an out-of-office team building- An activity like racket ball or dodge ball is great because it’s competitive—create a team of competitors that want to win and work well together and you will be unstoppable
  4. Hosting team pot luck lunches/dinners – Marketing only talks with sales but rarely interacts with engineering; finance huddles with company executives but no one else. To avoid that sort of behavior, teams should regularly interact—and quality food always helps.

Hope you found this helpful Please share your thoughts and suggestions on what has worked for you in the comments below.