Creating a Brand That’s Fit for the 21st Century by Service King

Increasing uncertainty in global markets and the rise of social media marketing have created challenging times for brands looking to establish or refine their brand identities. Forty years ago a brand was an identifier. Branding was what we did to the outside of a product or service after it was conceived and created. Brands became tales woven to increase visibility and memorability using design, clever copy, print and TV advertising to make sure the product was known by the majority of prospective custom

But this isn’t how you build a beloved brand now. Today a brand is a promise that people align with, believe and invest in and branding begins from the inside out. 21st century brands are purpose-driven. They have a reason to exist beyond making a profit, and they no longer aim to appeal to the average or everyone. Here’s what 21st century branding sets out to do:

Objectives of Branding in the 21st Century

  • Affinity
  • Alliance
  • Trust
  • Individuals & Community
  • Edges
  • Purpose
  • Relevance
  • Inside out
  • Customer-centric
  • Triple bottom line

Here are some key things you need to consider in creating a strong and distinct brand voice that’s fit for the 21st century by local Rosebank Member Service King- The Improvement People

Start with the basics.If you’re just starting out or are redefining your brand, then the perfect place to begin is with some simple questions that go to the heart of what you’re all about:What are your most important products and services?

  • What is unique about your offering?
  • How would your customers describe you?
  • And finally, who is your target market? And what needs are you addressing in that market?
  • Brainstorm these issues with your staff, stakeholders and customers to get a full picture. It will also help you to identify the fundamental thing that is the essence of your brand. For instance, the essence of Disney is ‘magical’ while the essence of Volvo is ‘safe’. You will need to identify what your essence is so you can build your brand around.

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If the nature and function of brands have changed, then the process for developing brands and brand stories must evolve too. Hope you have gained value. Please share your thoughts and suggestions on what has worked for you in the comments below.