5 STEPS TO SHAPE UP FOR SUMMER – Phil Kingi, Les Mills New Lynn

What’s not to love about summer? We get to enjoy the outdoors, BBQs,  and well-deserved time away from the grind. This is a great read from RBA member, Phil Kingi, Performance nutrition coach (CHFI, PN) PT & gym floor manager at Les Mills New Lynn, giving you some simple steps to shape up for summer!

1. Set a goal

Before you start, you need to set a goal and you need to know why you want to achieve this goal. Your why is your motivation. Your goal must be specific to your ‘why’, have a time frame and be measurable. It is also important to ensure your goal is realistic.

2. Get support 

Embarking on any health and fitness journey requires support. It requires support from those who can influence you the most. It requires support from you family, your friends, your work colleagues and anyone else that is close to you. Let your support network know about your goal and your plan to achieve this goal.


3.Clean up your eating habits

Being inconsistent with healthy eating habits will be the number 1 reason why you fail on a health and fitness journey. So, to achieve your goal, you must clean up your eating habits. Here are some simple habits that are based on improving health and body composition. Sticking to these habits 80-90% of the time will help you reach your goals:

EAT EVERY 2 TO 4 HOURS -Find the meal timings that work best for you

EAT VEGETABLES AT EVERY MEAL -Cover at least a third of your plate with vegetables

EAT PROTEIN AT MOST MEALS –MEN: 2 palm size portions per meal, WOMEN: 1 palm size portion per meal. Aim to rotate your sources often


ENDOMORPH: 1 portion 3-4 x day

MESOMORPH: 1 portion 2-3 x day

ECTOMORPH: 1 portion 1-2 x day

MEN: 1/2 palm WOMEN: 1 thumb. Aim for a ratio of 1:1:1 between mono, poly and saturated


ENDOMORPH: 1 portion after a hard workout

MESOMORPH: 1 portion after a hard workout and at dinner

ECTOMORPH: 1 portion at each most meals

MEN: 2 cupped handfuls WOMEN: 1 cupped handful

Always pick unprocessed, low sugar sources


Check out healthy and easy recipes from Les Mills website and wellness hub  also read the list of healthy ideas for snacks.

4.Move more 

In addition to cleaning up your eating habits, decreasing your sedentary behaviours plays a major part in your health and fitness journey. We recommend getting a minimum of 8,000-10,000 steps in per day to increase your daily energy expenditure. This equates to about 30+ minutes of walking/moving per day. If possible, get into the gym at least 3 x week to do some resistance training.

5. Be consistent 

Consistency is key. Consistency comes down to four main factors. These are: having an achievable goal, finding support, having a plan and being prepared. Steps 1 through 5 give you the framework to be consistent. All you need to do is be prepared. So, plan to prepare your food in advance and ensure you have set time aside to decrease your sedentary behaviours.

Phil Kingi – BSR(ExSci), PGDip(ExSci), CSCS, Performance nutrition coach (CHFI, PN) PT & gym floor manager Les Mills New Lynn Instagram: coachkingiRead More helpful ideas on how to get ready for summer