Paramount Services form a new Partnership with the RBA

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Paul Brown, Galvin Bartlett and the team of Paramount Services, who have recently joined our RBA Partnership family. To be in partnership with a company that has been in business close to 40 years and achieved business success is very exciting for the RBA and for our business community.

On a stunning spring morning the view from the top of the steps leading to Paramount Services’ new headquarters off Rosebank Rd gives a glorious panoramic view out across the gleaming inner harbour.

The message above the portal reads proudly “Because Service is Paramount” and just inside the stairway up to the office floor is a trophy case. In it stand 16 trophies, all gleaming like new and, says general manager Paul Brown, proudly, “All hard won, because nothing comes easy.”

The company (free call 0800-CLEANER) looks totally at home in Rosebank Rd, but in fact has only been there since April 30, when it moved here from Grey Lynn after 33 years.

Why move after 33 years in one place?

Paul Brown, a 14-year veteran with Paramount: “First of all it was the parking situation for staff. A very large percentage of our people live in West Auckland, therefore the accommodation, and the locality, fitted our requirements perfectly.

“It’s a relatively new building, it’s all on one level and it’s open plan. So that worked out extremely well for our 27 staff, too.”

And Grey Lynn had become increasingly difficult, in part due to a recent change in parking permitted by Auckland Council.

“Parking in Grey Lynn was absolutely shocking, and that was one of the compelling reasons we shifted. Some of our staff had to drive around for 30 minutes, some even up to an hour, just looking to find somewhere to park.

“And then, recently, the Auckland Council introduced a parking limit of 120 minutes on many spaces.”

One thing that Paramount didn’t realise was how accessible the new premises would be

“At the time we didn’t really consider access to motorways,” says Paul. “But now we’re here we realise that Rosebank Rd is superbly located for motorway access. I can be at the airport in 20 minutes and Newmarket in 10. It’s incredible.”

He was also extremely pleased with the reaction of others around the area to Paramount’s move into the new quarters.

“The community here is also vibrant. We received an amazing welcome.

The welcome and the assistance we got from the locals really played a major part in facilitating are move here.

“We also, of course, joined the Rosebank Business Association. It’s vital to be part of it, there’s a wonderful camaraderie in this area.”

Founded by Galvin and Sue Bartlett in 1979 – “It’s our 40th anniversary next April” – Paramount has 162 franchises through the country.

Starting at Kaitaia, it includes branches in Kaikohe, Kerikeri, Paihia, Whangarei, Dargaville. But Paul stops. “Let’s just say from Kaitia to Invercargill.”

Paramount cleans, banks, cinemas (Event and Reading), schools, retailers – some small, some big like Westpac and ASB banks nationally, to Vodafone. There are also some high security clients such as the US and Saudi Arabian consulates.

Paramount Services remains New Zealand-owned. “We have a solid resource base,” says Paul, “with 41 administration and 170 cleaning staff, the 162 franchisees employing about 1300 staff, serving about 1,800 clients nationally.”

Paramount’s steady growth is achieved through word of mouth, recommendations and organic growth.

Paul adds: “We are totally committed to providing excellent customer service, quality work and innovation through all levels of the organisation. I think that as a result we have a loyal customer base with an open and transparent communication pathway.”

But there was a customer at one of the company’s focus groups to thank for what he calls Paramount’s unofficial slogan.

“At that group, he said ‘What I like about Paramount, it’s small enough to care, big enough to serve.’ Which I thought was a brilliant way of putting it, and it’s now our mantra.”

Also, he says, “it helps keep our feet firmly on the ground”.