Workplace tips for a safe and fun Christmas Party and festive season – HEART SAVER

The festive season is a chance for businesses to celebrate the year, bring some joy into the office, and blow off a bit of steam. While the office Christmas party can be the highlight of the year, there is the chance that some can have too much fun and end up with issues.

A great great read by local business Heart Saver NZ Ltd to help you have a fun and safe Christmas.

Over the last 20 years we have seen many changes in how staff Christmas parties are run and hosted. The Health and Safety Act has provided direction around being a responsible host and from this, we have seen employers providing food and sober driver options or alternative transport to ensure employees reach home safely.

Recently we have seen employers take this one step further, with them requesting event medics to be at functions or events, ensuring the Health and Safety of their employees.

Christmas functions have seen a lot of crazy stunts happen over the years, where at the time they seem like a laugh or just silliness, but instead have turned into pain and suffering. We had a quick scan of the web and found these examples – not for the faint-hearted, in many cases!

The ghost of Christmas past – some terrible work party injuries:

  1. A rather large man decided to photocopy his behind. It all started off well enough, but shortly after pressing the green button, we heard an alarming crack. Before the man could get off the photocopier, the glass broke, trapping him inside the innards of the photocopier. He got off lightly with only having several sharp shards of glass sticking into him. Ambulance staff had to remove him and take him to hospital.
  2. After one to many, the MD’s PA, hit another girl with a wine bottle; the police, ambulance and the carpet cleaners were called to clean up the mess.
  3. After too many free drinks, to seemed a great idea to dance on the tables. One of the young ladies fell off and although she thought she was fine at the time, she was signed off work for the next two weeks with whiplash and couldn’t remember anything about it.
  4. With the help of a few wines, out came Dutch courage, starting with groping of some of the women in the office. This ended in a punch up with some of the other staff. The gentleman left, but the next day, no one had seen or heard from him, only to receive a phone call from hospital where he remained for some time with a smashed kneecap.
  5. In 2000, a promising young NZ Merrill Lynch trader was accidentally killed by a colleague at their Christmas party. He had his grass skirt costume lit on fire with a cigarette by a colleague in a neighbouring toilet stall. Both occupants of the stall were badly burned and the young man died three days later.






Some of these injuries could have been minimised by immediate medical attention. This is where our medic event cover could have provided instance assistance.

Medic cover is particularly important if you are holding your work event on a boat – cruises and day trips are a very popular corporate event option, but they’re also very isolating when it comes to needing paramedic help in an emergency.





The Heart Saver event medics will give you peace of mind at your Christmas event! 

Call them on 0800 233 342 to discuss your event medic requirements to ensure you have memories that make smiles, not incident reports.