Rosebank Advocates March 2019 – AUCKLAND TRANSPORT PEDESTRIAN IMPROVEMENTS in Rosebank

by Dr Grant Hewison, Specialist in Local Government Consultancy

Auckland Transport are proposing to make pedestrian safety improvements along Rosebank Road, including:

  • the construction of pram crossings with tactile pavers, side islands, and pedestrian refuge islands outside the addresses of 607, 519, 437, and 391 Rosebank Road.
  • the relocation of bus stop 8557 (outside 437 Rosebank Road) and the associated bus shelter slightly southwest along Rosebank Road.
  • minor changes to footpaths.
  • alterations to lighting, road markings and signage.
  • the removal of one tree as indicated in the drawings in order to improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers.

Why the changes are needed?

Auckland Transport say the proposals aim to improve pedestrian safety along Rosebank Road by introducing designated crossing facilities at locations that have been identified as frequent pedestrian crossing points. Changes to lighting, road markings and signage will raise driver awareness and ensure sufficient visibility for pedestrians using the crossing facilities and drivers approaching the crossings.

Proposal outcome

The proposals will proceed with minor changes to the next stage of detailed planning. As a result of feedback received, the side islands originally proposed at the pedestrian refuge outside of 320 Rosebank Road will no longer be installed. Instead, trees creating visibility issues for pedestrians and drivers will be relocated elsewhere, where required.

Feedback received

Auckland Transport say the proposals received positive responses from community members and stakeholders who supported efforts to improve pedestrian safety along Rosebank Road.

Cycling infrastructure

  • Requests were made to introduce a formal protected cycle lane along Rosebank Road and dual crossings. At this stage, Auckland Transport say they are unable to consider  formal cycle lanes at this location due to funding constraints.

Traffic congestion

  • There were concerns from the public that trucks frequently create bottlenecks along Rosebank Road.

Broken Yellow Lines

  • There were concerns that vehicles frequently park along Rosebank Road despite the broken yellow lines already in place. As parking over broken yellow lines is prohibited, Auckland Transport suggested contacting their Enforcement Team.

Pedestrian crossings

  • There were requests to upgrade the proposed refuges to more formal pedestrian crossings – either signalised or zebra crossings. Auckland Transport say this is not warranted at present but may be re-investigated in the future. However, pedestrian refuge crossing points are being installed.
  • There were concerns raised about the placement of a crossing on the bend outside of 470 Rosebank Road. Auckland Transport say there is sufficient visibility to cross at this point.
  • There were requests for pedestrian crossing facilities on Rosebank Road between Jomac Place and Avondale Road, but Auckland Transport declined to include one here.
  • There were concerns that Rosebank is an industrial area. Auckland Transport say that the proposal will significantly improve safety for pedestrians, while having a minimal impact on the roadway. They confirm that large trucks will be able to manoeuvre around the pedestrian refuges.

Driveway Access

  • There were concerns that the refuge outside 470 Rosebank Road will interfere with large trucks exiting the shared driveway immediately to the west of the proposed crossing (on the southern side of the road). There were concerns that trucks exiting the shared driveway for 482 Rosebank Road will encounter difficulties turning right due to heavy traffic. Auckland Transport say that large trucks can exit the driveway and turn right with the pedestrian refuge at the proposed location.

Road widening

  • Requests were made that crossings and bus improvements be considered in conjunction with road widening. Auckland Transport say that road widening would be likely to encourage higher vehicle speeds, creating unnecessary safety issues for people walking and cycling at this location.

Next steps

Auckland Transport say this work will happen between July 2019 and June 2020, but they will let businesses know if there are further changes or delays. Contractors will send notices to those affected 48-hours prior to construction starting.