Christchurch victim support – Employer support

As you are aware, on Friday 15 March, members of Christchurch’s Muslim community were subject to a terrorist attack while attending prayers at two of the local mosques. This is an unspeakable tragedy for those affected by this violence.

RBA Partners, MyHR have provided some of the things you can do as an employer to support your employees during this difficult time:

Employer Support

  • You may have employees ask to take annual leave, at short notice, to be with family or friends. We would advise accommodating these requests given the circumstances.
  • Employees are eligible for paid bereavement leave after 6 months of continuous employment; if any of your team had a loved one who was killed, they will be eligible to take this leave.
  • If your organization has an employee assistance programme (commonly referred to as EAP), we would advise reminding your team about the services offered and helping them to make contact if they choose.
  • If your organization doesn’t currently have any employment assistance in place, but would like to provide support regardless, EAP Services is a national provider of employee assistance programmes and can be found at here.

External Support

  • Canterbury Charity Hospital is offering free counselling to those affected by the attack, with no doctor’s referral required – they can be found at:
  • The Ministry of Health has put together some resources for people coping with trauma; you can find these here
  • Anyone can call or text 1737 at any time to speak with a trained counselor

Financial Contributions

  • If your business, or members of your team, are looking to contribute financially to those affected: The NZ Council of Victim Support Groups is coordinating with Spark on a Give A Little page, view here.
  • Those who are concerned about friends and family who might have been involved in the attack have been requested by the NZ Police to call 0800 115 019

The team at MyHR is here to help. If you have any questions about any of the above, or would like to discuss how the situation is affecting your team, you can reach them on business hours at 0800 69 47 69 or at