Leadership Undressed: The Business Leaders Breakfast that pulled back the covers

A huge thank you to the 130 businesses that attended our business Leaders breakfast “Leadership Undressed” on Tuesday morning, presented by RBA, ATEED and EMA. This event Leadership Undressed, lifted the cover on leadership and delved into what leadership means in today’s ever-changing business world.

Guests enjoyed a stunning breakfast at the RSA New Lynn and were treated to some great insights and learnings from successful and inspiring business leaders who are kicking up a storm in the local and global markets.

Some key take aways:

  • Brett O’Riley (EMA)– Trust your instincts, especially about people. He believes having a good support network, both business and non-business related, around you can be vital in keeping you going when times are hard.
  • Natalie Bilyard (Glide Path) –We are competing against big businesses in the global market and what makes us successful is Relationships with our customers and staff. It is important to have staff that enjoy their jobs and we want to make their life easier, so they love what they do and this reflects in their engagement with our customers.
  • Rob Croot (Autex)- You must continually re-invent yourself and the business otherwise you will be left behind.
  • Instill the dream in your people and show them to pathway in their language that enables them to connect with this and understand what success looks like.
  • Articulate the vision and a clear purpose so your people understand the role they play in the big picture.
  • Jason Ennor (MyHR)finding out who you are as a leader early in the picture is important. You need to decide to be a leader to lead and have belief you are going to be successful. “Failure isn’t an option.”
  • Be authentic and true to who you are.
  • Be transparent and honest with your team and share what is going well as well as what needs to be worked on.
  • Blair McKolskey (PLN Group) – Collaboration” is vital. By bringing teams together in their work environment to enable the co creation of ideas and the combination of skills is when the magic happens. As a leader we need to facilitate this environment of bringing teams together and empower them.
  • Rob Croot- what is important is having the right people with the right attitude who want a future with the business not just a job.
  • Jason Ennor- With managing people, it is important to understand what drives them so you can maximize their performance.
  • Empowering people and allowing them to make mistakes is all part of the learning and the journey. It is not about the blame game.