Direct Mail Solutions

Direct Mail Solutions

Direct Mail Solutions

Providing innovative database marketing, mail and print solutions to New Zealand business

We thrive on the tricky stuff: the personalised direct mail outs, the personalised microsites, the crazy deadlines and the never-been-done-before ideas.

We love the jobs other mail houses steer clear of.

Whether you want to send out postcards, fiddly hand-assembled packs, or prospect letters with a sales brochure, we’ll help you get everything right first time.

Your databases will be squeaky clean and your printing top notch so you’ll get the most out of your DM. You could also make it easier and more fun for your targets to respond with personalised microsites and QRCodes .

Oh, and we can do all the regular mail house and print stuff too, from inkjet addressing and machine inserting to slick business cards and brochures.

Contact the team now to get your database marketing, mail and print services sorted.

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653 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026
PO Box 90733, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142