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PLN Group is a family of furniture brands, that include Fletcher Systems, IQ Commercial, Essenze, Finewood and David Trubridge Furniture, that are focused on people.

As one of the most innovative furniture firms in New Zealand, PLN Group lead the industry with a design program directly informed by the latest, world-class research. Their solutions span soft and hard furniture, lighting, acoustic solutions, nanofibre, air filtration and sensor-based technologies.

Research, design and innovation are used to create powerful, award-winning solutions that enhance products, spaces and life. All products are proudly New Zealand designed and made. The company is earning up to 40 percent of its revenue off shore from clients such as Citibank, HSBC, Google, Hewlett Packard, Disney and Apple.

We are one of the few truly vertically-integrated research, design and manufacturing firms in NZ. Our nanofibre technology has been a collaborative effort with one of only approximately five facilities in the world that can commercially spin nanofibre.

We design innovating beautiful solutions for the workplace that not only impacts on the aesthetics but it can also reduce noise and harsh light in an office, restaurant or bar that ultimately increases the performance of an organisation. This supports our aim of enhancing life

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