G3 Group

G3 Group

G3 Group

Through its mail, document & data management services, G3 offers businesses multi-channel communication delivery with evolving technology solutions.

G3 operates three principal business divisions:

  • Business and retail mail operations in New Zealand;
  • Document management operations, primarily in New Zealand;
  • Tourist mail operations in the United Kingdom.

G3 delivers over 60 million mail items per year on behalf of its business customers.

Through industry leadership, G3 and its predecessor companies were instrumental in introducing the concept of:

  • prepaid and personalised envelopes into the NZ business mail market;
  • lateral filing systems and related software in New Zealand;
  • tourist stamps into the UK mail market

G3 is very much a growth story, and we look forward to delivering both our short and long-term strategies to the market.

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