Rosebank Plus


The objective of RosebankPlus+ is to provide SMEs with the support and resources to maximise their potential.

40% of businesses on a national average can be described as “struggling.” A further 20% of businesses need help with growth strategies. Most SMEs do not have access to the specialist skills and knowledge of corporate and multi-national companies, so who can

you turn to when you need a clear direction on how to move forward?

The RBA endeavours to answer that question with its business development programme, RosebankPlus+.

A partnership between the RBA and member companies, RosebankPlus+ is designed to accelerate businesses by identifying a tailored, cohesive approach to development and growth at all stages of the business life cycle. It is more directive than a mentoring programme; and more personal, confidential and immediate than any financial programme.

All RBA member companies are invited to a free one hour confidential business review. And if you choose, further no-obligation help is provided to take your business from maybe less than optimum performance to operating with best practice and therefore more profit.

As every business has different needs, our team have a broad range of expertise on how to support you, or will quickly direct you to someone who can, whether you need mentoring with financial planning, strategic marketing, governance etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The RBA through RosebankPlus+, hold, on a regular basis, workshops e.g. on how to measure success, motivational strategies, analytics and data management.