The Project – RBA Wellbeing Collab

What is the aim of the Rosebank Workplace Wellbeing Project?

The primary goal is to strengthen the role of wellbeing in business performance.  The project will focus on designing a recovery pathway for Rosebank where wellbeing is a priority.  It will look at what wellbeing-based solutions could drive productivity and prevent job losses. We want to do this in a way that is ‘bottom-up’, which means it will be led by the voices of Rosebank business owners and employees.

What values are driving this project?

We are being driven by three core values:

  • Whakawhanaungatanga is about building strong relationships. This value is based on the “whanau” which essentially means family. It means we recognize the importance of building sustainable long-term relationships as part of this project.
  • Manākitanga is based on the word “mana”, which refers to a person’s prestige and status. This value is about leadership – about leading in a way that strengthens the status of other people.
  • And lastly, kotahitanga is about oneness. The word “kotahi” means to be one or to be united.

Together, these values align with the RBA’s vision of being Stronger together.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in several ways:

Interview: The project team will be interviewing business owners and employees in July. If you think you have unique insights on workplace wellbeing in Rosebank, we would love to speak with you. Or if you would like to nominate somebody, please let us know by contacting paul@businesslab.co.nz.

Attend the engagement event: We will be hosting an interactive event in early August by Zoom. This will be a chance for you to hear more about the project and to share your view on the big opportunities for workplace wellbeing in Rosebank. Email paul@businesslab.co.nz if you would like to get updates about this.

Attend the implementation event: In late August we will host a follow-up event. This will be a chance to start thinking about how you might contribute.

Join a working group: From October onwards, you will be able to join one of the groups working to implement the opportunities identified by the Rosebank business community.


Who is behind it?

Healthy Families Waitākere has joined forces with the Rosebank Business Association to implement this programme. Colin Bass and Paul McGregor from engagement firm Business Lab will facilitate and guide the programme. As a New Zealand first, this is an important opportunity for the Rosebank Business Association and its members as part of COVID19 recovery efforts.

Who’s on the project team?

The project is being led by a team of four:

The Codesign Leadership Group

We have brought together a Codesign Leadership Group of business leaders, community leaders and government officials. Their role is to champion and guide this project.

This is an open group that will meet monthly throughout the project. If you would like to join, please contact paul@businesslab.co.nz

Current members from the Rosebank business community include:

  • Mike Gibson, Rosebank Business Association
  • Kim Watts, Rosebank Business Association
  • Fiona Norris, Regal Beloit Ltd
  • Janette Partington, Omnigraphics
  • Michelle Maitland, George Walkers Office Furniture
  • Nikki Harris, Intelligent Environments
  • Paul Munro, Mint Drycleaning
  • Rob Woolner, Autex
  • Stefan Crooks, Westie Food Group (also Healthy Families Waitākere and the Rosebank Business Association)
  • Wayne Eccles, Anglo Engineering
  • Lyn Holland, C-Tech Ltd
  • David Speedy, Depot Office Products

Plus there are members from government and community organisations:

  • John Faitala, Pacific Business Trust
  • Kerry Allan, Healthy Families Waitākere
  • Brett O’Riley, Employers and Manufacturers Association
  • Dave Wood, Bay of Plenty Health
  • Lauren Parr, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED)
  • Mark Goldsmith, Ministry of Social Development
  • Mark Allen, Community Waitākere
  • Tapuvakai Vea, The Cause Collective
  • Vanessa Cooper, Health Promotion Agency
  • Wyndi Tagi, Sport Waitākere Board

The group is facilitated by:

  • Paul McGregor, Business Lab
  • Colin Bass, Business Lab
  • Zaynel Sushil, Healthy Families Waitākere.

If you would like to receive updates about the project email paul@businesslab.co.nz