Graffiti Removal

Before and after …. the bad old days on the corner of Timothy Place, Rosebank

In Rosebank Road, Patiki Road and the side streets off these, there is a zero tolerance for graffiti. The area is monitored on a 24 hour a day watch and any tagging reported immediately it is evident.

The Tag Out Trust

Any graffiti on a small business’ public property, for example fences, can be reported to the “Tag Out Trust.” The Tag Out Trust removes graffiti for the residents of West Auckland free of charge under contract to the Auckland Council in the Whau Ward, Waitakere Ward and Henderson/ Massey Wards.

Graffiti is cleaned off within 24hrs, 7 days a week as speed has proven to be a deterrent.

To report graffiti call ph 826 4276 or 021 308 868 or 0800 824 688 or use the Report Tagging Form.

If you want help to remove the graffiti yourself try the Graffiti Advise page – you can be supplied with paint and graffiti remover, under the Trust’s Adopt-A-Spot scheme.

Alternatively call the Auckland Council Call Centre on (09) 301 0101.

Graffiti Before

Graffiti After


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