Waste Management

The Rosebank Precinct Auckland Council pick up for rubbish is everyThursday and every second Thursday for Recycling. Rubbish needs to be sorted into recyclable plastics (blue/yellow bin), paper and “other” (ie kitchen waste green/red bin). It should be put out on Wednesday afternoon for collection early Thursday morning.

Key in your address at the Auckland Council website – to check which fortnight cycle you are on.  Be careful to type the address in the right format, e.g. Level 1, Unit C, 485 Rosebank Road becomes 1/485C Rosebank Road.  If in doubt, call ph 3010101.

The Auckland Council website has a large amount of helpful information for businesses about their waste management. Some links to information on particular topics are provided below.

Illegal dumping Illegally dumped rubbish costs ratepayers millions each year in removal charges and causes a range of other problems. Read more – Auckland Council Website
Hazardous Waste Hazardous waste including end of life disposal – paint, agricultural chemicals, oil, electronics. Read more – Auckland Council website
Electronic waste Electronic waste, or e-waste, refers to anything with a battery or a plug. Valuable and sometimes rare materials can be recovered from e-waste or recycled into new products. Don’t put e-waste in your inorganic collection as it will go straight to landfill. Read more – Auckland Council website
Transfer Stations Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre | 50 The Concourse, Henderson – 800m from the Lincoln Road off ramp on the North Western Motorway.

EnviroWaste Patiki Rd Refuse and RecyclingTransfer Station | 114 Patiki Rd, Avondale. Phone 820 5691, www.envirowaste.co.nz

Read more – Auckland Council website

Waste control and recycling Businesses and people who collect or transport more than 20 tonne of waste from or to land in Auckland, in each 12-month period, and operators of donation collection points (clothing bins or similar) on public places will have to get a licence from Auckland Council. This is a requirement under the Solid Waste Bylaw 2012. Read more – Auckland Council website
Waste minimisation for your business Waste generated by the commercial sector makes up a large proportion of total waste disposed of to landfill within the district. Adopting cleaner production principles will enable your business to be resource efficient and minimise waste, which will help your business’ bottom line and the environment too. Read more – Auckland Council website


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